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Originally banded in 2010, this female robin has proven she is a survivor.  She was recaptured at Wascana MAPS in 2012, 2014 and again in 2015 making her at least 7 years old!  Amazing when you consider an adult robin only has a 50% probability of surviving 1 year!

This Gray Catbird was captured within weeks of leaving his nest somewhere in Wascana Marsh in 2011.  He was not recaptured the following year, but was recaptured in 2013, 2014 and again in 2015!  We presume he has been breeding in the area for the last 3 years! We've caught him in the same couple of nets each year!  

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Our oldest bird

Another interesting component to the results are the birds that have returned to Wascana Marsh in subsequent years.  The most common returning bird is the Yellow Warbler, with 43 birds documented in later years, followed by the Gray Catbird (23 individuals) and the American Goldfinch (20 individuals).  

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Some of the fascinating stories of some of these birds is how long they live.  The oldest known robin to the Wascana MAPS station is at least 7 years old, while one of Gray Catbirds is at least 6 years old and has been captured every year since being banded in 2011!  One of the male Red-winged Blackbird banded in 2010 as a 1 year old bird was not recaptured for another 5 years, in 2015!  Where was he in between that time?

Since the Wascana MAPS station was established 2,700 birds of 50 different species have been banded!  Each summer, between 332 and 658 birds have been captured over the course of the 6 days netting occurs. The actual number of birds banded and individuals recaptured each year at the Wascana MAPS station can be seen on this graph.

The most abundant species captured at the Wascana MAPS station is the Yellow Warbler (781 birds banded), followed by the Cedar Waxwing (295), American Robin (239), Gray Catbird (174) and Red-winged Blackbird (172).
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