Bander In Charge

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Jared Clarke has been the bander in charge of the Wascana MAPS station since it was established in 2010.  He is a North American Banding Council Certified Bander and has been banding birds since 2006, including  Ferruginous Hawks, Turkey Vultures and Canada Geese.

As part of the Institute for Bird Population's Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship (MAPS) program, the Wascana MAPS station has been studying Wascana Marsh's songbirds since 2010.  The station uses bird banding to uniquely mark each bird captured during the breeding season (June to August).  In total 2,700 birds of 50 different species have been captured at the Wascana MAPS station.  An additional 46 other species have been documented at the station.  The Wascana MAPS station is committed to understanding Wascana Marsh's songbird population trends to help drive effective conservation measures to ensure these species call this unique urban wetland home for a long time.  In addition, Wascana MAPS contributes data into the MAPS database which is used analyze survival and productivity indexes for songbirds across North America.

The Wascana MAPS station has benefited from the ongoing support of